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Our handyman training school in Atlanta offers a tremendous educational opportunity. Our hands- on training in a real house, gives our students the experience and skill set they need to start a successful career or run their own business.

We Offer:

  • Hands-On training in a “real house” setting

  • 8 certificate programs

  • Weekend workshops for homeowners and the youth


In just over 1 year you can be a JACK OF ALL TRADES! 

If you are working on making changes and learning new skills in your life or getting a job in the trades try this type of training. We believe that teaching  HANDS ON techniques and giving our students the opportunity to practice those skills while in school. When our students are finish training they are experienced and more employable.

We also set our students up with their own businesses and we pay for it. We teach our students not only to do the work but also to run your own company.  This is the key to making our students successful in their professional handyman career. 

Start Your Professional Handyman Career!

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