Thank you for donating to the Handyman Training School.


Funds donated will be used to support students that are either “at risk” or “in risk” to either offset their tuition or to fully pay for a program. 

We define “at risk” as a young woman or man that have several potential factors that COULD cause them to have a more difficult struggle. Those risk factors could include but not limited to the following: single parent home, poor grades, parents are isolated and/or have limited support or rebellious.

We define “in risk” as a young woman or man that have several factors that have already caused them to be experiencing difficulty in their home, school or community. Those concerns have caused them to have difficulty in attending school or getting a job. Those risk factors could include, but not limited to the following: dropped out of school, have had one or more negative experiences with the law, unemployed for 6 months or less, unemployed for over 6 months or has been turned down for a job due to arrest record or has limited family support.

If you would like to donate and set up specific criteria for scholarships, please contact our office.

We appreciate the support and will be glad to work with you.


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