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 owe your own Business

we will also set you up with your own LLC business and PAY FOR IT   


8  Certificate Programs



Carpentry 1

Carpentry 2

Carpentry 3

Carpentry 4

Basic Electrical

Basic Plumbing

All courses are 8-week

HANDS-ON skill building training program with a (separate certificate for each course)  that supports the student in the handyman profession. 

Saturday Handyman Workshop

We offer a Hands-On

Ladies only  workshop

Men and women workshop

and a

Teen workshop

This is the perfect Do-It-Yourself class that is hands-on and will improve your handyman skills. 

Become A Jack Of All Trades!

Obtaining your handyman certificate is the perfect start to your career. This type of Hands-On training will set you apart and showcase an enhanced level of professionalism.

Vocational Training To Teach You A Valuable Trade...

Ready to start a new career? Want to learn a trade? Our Handyman Training Program can help you JUMPSTART your new career. We offer vocational training to teach you a valuable trade. Going to trade school has so many benefits.

 You can even start your own business Become a master of the trades!

Learn A Trade!

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