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Our trade school in Atlanta offers an excellent opportunity for you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start a new career and or your own business. Getting a technical education is definitely needed in today's economy.  




   In just 16 months          you can be a

Jack Of All Trades

Starting a new career? Want to learn a useful trade? Looking for trade school opportunities in Atlanta? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to contact us. The Handyman Training School offers so much to every student. Learning a trade can leave you in an advantageous position when the economy is up or down. Residential handymen are always in demand. There is never a time when home repairs and improvements aren't needed. Such skills as carpentry, drywall installation and residential painting offer year round employment opportunities. Check out our handyman training programs!

Learn A Trade At Our Handyman School!

Technical School in Atlanta

Technical Training In Our Trade School Program

Our technical school offers a top notch trade school program that offers our students a well rounded education that will allow them to launch their new career and/or business upon completion. At the Handyman Training School, our students always come first. You will get hands-on, real live HANDS ON experience. We work one-on-one with our students to ensure that they un




          1. Painting/Drywall Certificate Course

          2. Flooring Certificate Course

          3. Carpentry 1 Certificate Course

          4. Carpentry 2 Certificate Course

          5. Carpentry 3 Certificate Course

          6. Carpentry 4 Certificate Course

          7. Basic Plumbing Certificate Course

          8. Basic Electrical Certificate Course

Our Trade School Teaches

8 separate classes = 8 separate Certificate Trades

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